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Sixth Framework Programme

Search for SMEs for preparing a FP7 project

The profiles of more than 450 European SME skilled in the field of marine pollution are available on the MAPO web site thanks to the below search engine.  

You are the coordinator of an ongoing/future European RTD project. If you are looking for an SME in the framework of your ongoing or future European RTD project, do not hesitate to use this base of profiles.

Search European SMEs skilled in marine pollutions :

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Prevention and Response
Prevention of pollution by oil and chemical substances
Detection of oil and chemical spills at sea and in coastal waters
Modelling and forecast of oil and chemical spills
Behaviour, effects and fate of oil and chemical spills
Control of land-based sources of marine pollution (urban waste water, agricultural and road run off)
Control of air emissions (NOx, SOx, particulates, VOC)
Management of oily waste water
Management of grey and/or black water
Noise abatement
Development of antifouling coatings
Shipyard pollution (building, repair, scrapping)
Treatment and Disposal
Containment and recovery of floating oil
Ship generated wastes (onboard and ashore)
Remediation techniques to combat marine pollution
Recovery of oil from sunken ships
Pollution analysis and monitoring
Air emissions (NOx, SOx, particulates, VOC)
Chemical and biological water testing
Detection of radioactive pollutants at sea
Pollution by fish aquaculture activities

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